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One of the best parts of being an AWA member is that you'll have a bunch of activities to choose from to keep you engaged, active, happy and healthy! The AWA offers casual drop-in coffee mornings, presentations and classes, coffee mornings with invited vendors, morning programs geared towards newcomers (but helpful for anyone living in Jakarta), Social Welfare programs, and a host of other activities and special events throughout the year. 

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AWA Activities

The AWA provides members with a social, light-hearted way to get and to stay connected to the expatriate community. We extend to you our heartfelt invitation to become active with us.

One of the best parts of being an AWA member is that you'll have a bunch of activities to choose from.The AWA offers drop in coffee mornings and presentations with invited speakers. We invite our favorite vendors for our special coffee and shop mornings.  Fun and informative coffee morning programs are sometimes geared towards newcomers, but helpful for anyone living in Jakarta. We offer repeat activities such as bridge lessons, kids playgroup, art classes, book club and yoga. We constantly try out and add new activities that suit our members. The AWA hosts many special events throughout the year such as our charity bazaars, Angel Tree luncheons and many more. 

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Social Welfare

The Social Welfare Committee members spend time visiting the kampungs (neighborhoods and villages) of Jakarta assessing the needs of those less fortunate in an attempt to impact lives and instill profound change in the yayasans (charities) of Indonesia. In doing so, we have discovered that the greatest impact is not only on those we meet, but also on our members. The hugs and smiles we see make everyday in Jakarta an amazing adventure.  

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AWA publishes a variety of books specifically tailored to expatriates living in Indonesia. All of these titles, and others, are available at the AWA Center, and the sales benefit AWA and its charities. Visit the Center or contact us for more information.

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